what is your why?

Let's face it.  There are a lot of great things you could do this year. 

Organize the closets.

Run a marathon.

Redecorate the living room.

Double your 401 (k) contribution.

Volunteer every week at the food bank............

But here's the thing.  It's not enough to recognize that a certain habit or practice or accomplishment would be good to do.  In order for you to find the motivation to change, you have to recognize not why it would be good for someone to do, but why it's important for you to do.

There's a whole field called Motivational Interviewing, where a professional asks you questions to help you see what your priorities are, and what's going to keep you motivated to persist in making a change in spite of the obstacles. 

We all need clarifying questions to help us see what needs to change in our lives, what the consequences are if we do or don't change, and what's going to fuel our efforts even if (or when!) it gets difficult or boring or uncomfortable.

So for today, ask yourself, "What is your WHAT?"  (What have you identified as your priority for 2018?)

And, "What is your WHY?"  (What motivates you to prioritize this change, and to keep you going in spite of obstacles?)