it is WELL

It's taken three months in West Africa, a bout of malaria, two years of writing, seven drafts and more tears than I could possibly count....but WELL is finally here! It's available as a hard copy, ebook and audio book.  (Order your copy wherever books are sold!)

WELL tells the stories I never knew were happening in the developing world.

WELL tells my story of how and why I ended up in medicine.

WELL shows how sacred practicing medicine can be. 

WELL uses medicine and art as metaphors for how each of us, wherever we are, can help heal our beautiful broken world. 

My first book, The Invisible Girls, was my heart on a page. WELL is my heart AND soul on a page. 

I hope you read it. I hope you love it. I hope you help spread the word to your faith communities and neighbors and colleagues and families and friends....because the world needs healers now more than ever.