when your heart is broken


I wrote this, from experience, for Todd DeKryger's family and friends.....and all of you who are limping along with broken hearts. *

When your heart is broken….

You feel like you can’t breathe.

You can’t see one step in front of you, let alone two.

You can’t envision how you’ll survive.

You can’t see the future for the life of you.

You can’t stop crying.

You can’t imagine how you’ll hope again.

You can’t believe that your future could be as happy and care-free as your past.

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When your heart is broken…

Well, You’re right about some things.

Grief casts a shadow over your future that you can’t eradicate.

Life won’t look or feel or taste or seem the same way again for a long, long, long, long time.

Losing someone you love isn’t a linear process.  It will hurt in ways you can’t imagine, at times you won’t expect.




When your heart is broken….

Let it break.

Let it hurt.

Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel.

When you fight pain, pain fights back.  So stop resisting it.  Just surrender.

Don't look for answers.  There aren't any.  At least not right now.

Let yourself be carried in the arms of Love, on the wings of Grace.

Trust that when it’s time for you to fly again, you will….

…though you’ll always have a broken wing.

...though there will always be an empty seat at the table.

...though your future will never look like what you'd imagined in the past.




Life as you know it has ended, and you won't ever get it back.


But life as you can't imagine it has begun....

....and God will meet you there.

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