the gift of you

It's the first Monday of Advent.  The beginning of the season where we remember the Nativity, where we meditate on the First Coming, where we make space for Emmanuel to come sit with us, to dwell with us in our fragile, finite frame. To welcome Emmanuel, the wise men brought three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Gold because it's valuable.

Myrrh -- embalming ointment -- to honor Jesus' humanity.

Frankincense -- incense -- to honor Jesus' divinity.

This Advent, reflect on the gift God gave to the world in the form of Jesus.

And reflect on the gift God gave to the world in the form of you.

You are gold. You hold intrinsic value.  You are God's currency.  You are his investment and reward.

You are myrrh.  You are finite.  You are fragile.  You are human.  You make mistakes.  Your body breaks.  You struggle against doubt and despair.  You experience the world with your senses.  You touch, smell, taste, hear and see.  You leave fingerprints on what you touch.  You leave footprints where you walk.

You are frankincense.  You are divine.  You are an aroma to the world around you.  Your fragrance ascends to the heavens.  When you rise to God, he closes his eyes and smiles and sighs.

This Advent, remember the gifts.

The gifts of the wisemen.

The gift of Jesus.

The gift of you.

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