i could use your help.


Hi, friends. Thanks to all of you for following my blog, chatting with me in the comments section, investing in The Invisible Girls and being, well, generally awesome :) For the past 9 months, I've been living on the road, traveling nationally and internationally to share the story of the five little Somali sisters who helped save me while I was recovering from breast cancer treatments.  (All the proceeds from the book I wrote about them are going into a college fund for them!)

I have loved getting to talk to colleges, women's retreats, conferences and churches about the compassion God has for us....and the compassion we can show others if we take the risk to love them.


I've also had the opportunity to keynote at a few fundraisers and raise money for amazing causes, like ending family homelessness and providing education and mentorship for girls coming out of sex trafficking.


When I left my job and gave up my apartment and sold all my stuff in the fall so I could pursue this calling, I thought I was only going to travel around and speak for a few months, and then return to "normal" life, with a day job and a permanent address.

But now I'm seeing that this is a longer-term calling that God's given me to live into.


Because of that, I've joined with some great people at TheHub (who do booking and event planning for authors) to plan my Fall 2015/Spring 2016 speaking schedule.  In addition to working with TheHub, it is so helpful to let people know about my message by word-of-mouth.

Now, here's where you come in.  It would be such a big help if you would help spread the word.  If your church or university or non-profit could benefit from hearing a story of hope and inspiration, would you mind sharing this link with them?  It has short video clips of the main talks I do, as well as a bio and booking info (here's a little sneak peak....)


In our beautiful-but-broken world that's often consumed with negativity and despair, I would love to be a gentle voice that reminds people of how much hope there is because God (still) so loves the world.

Thanks so much for your encouragement, help and support!